Preorder Bonus TPHD CD has 20 Remastered Tracks

imagePreviously it was announced that if you preordered Twilight Princess HD from GameStop you would get a  free Soundtrack CD from the game, well recently more information has come out. We now know that the CD will feature 20 tracks. Not just OST but remastered tracks so you can listen to your favorite TP songs like never before. They also picked an amazing selection of songs from the game with many of my personal favorites, so i’m very happy. And its at the amazing price of Free, but only if you preordered the game from GameStop. Tell me what you think of the selection in the comments below.

2.“Music #1”
3.“Ordon Village”
4.“Midna’s Theme”
5.“Hyrule Field Main Theme”
6.“Spirit’s Lament”
7.“Kakariko Village”
8.“Death Mountain”
9.“Queen Rutela’s Theme”
10.“Lake Hylia”
11.“Boss Battle Part 3”
12.“Midna’s Lament”
13.“Sacred Grove”
14.“Malo Mart”
15.“Ilia’s Theme”
16.“Hidden Village”
17.“Princess Zelda’s Theme”
18.“The Final Battle Part 4”
19.“Staff Roll Part 1”
20.“Teaser Music #2”

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