Pokemon Splatfest results

imageThe Pokemon Splatfest has ended and the results have come out. Red won popularity in every region, but Blue/Green won Wins in every region. And following the pattern of the most popular team losing, Red has lost and Blue/Green has won in every region!  So hurray for you Blue/Green team players, and better luck next time for those Red team players. Here’s the official results:


Pokémon Red – 61% popularity, 36% win rate
Pokémon Green – 39% popularity – 64% win rate – WINNER

Pokémon Red – 64% popularity, 43% win rate
Pokémon Blue – 36% popularity, 57% win rate – WINNER
North America

Pokémon Red – 55% popularity, 41% win rate
Pokémon Blue – 45% popularity, 59% win rate – WINNER

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