Hollywood Producers think Nintendo should definitely make movies

imageNintendo has tons of iconic characters such as Mario, Link, DK, Samus ect.  and many of you guys think Nintendo should make a movie for them (personally an action packed CGI LOZ game would be AWESOME) well 2 Hollywood Producers agree. Adrian Askarieh, and Roy Lee had this to say about Nintendo making Movies:

Adrian Askarieh, CEO of Prime Universe Films

“The Nintendo brand transcends the platform. You can say Nintendo and for a lot of people it still represents video games. Everyone knows Nintendo, kids, adults; it’s multi-generational. They have these wonderful properties that most of us have grown attached to. For them to not take advantage of that would be a bad idea. That was a huge risk for Marvel, but they did it and look at them now. The more iconic the characters are, they better the movies they will make.”

Roy Lee, co-founder of Vertigo Entertainment

“Nintendo is one I would love to do. It’s one of these properties that growing up I played every incarnation of their games from early Game Boy to GameCube to now the Wii U. You saw the progression of those characters from simple pixel versions, to now the amazing visuals they have for Mario. I feel like the world of Nintendo could translate well to the screen. I don’t know what the movie is, but I feel like there is something there that could be done.”

Nintendo’s President Kimishima has spoken before saying he was working on getting TV shows and Movies made so perhaps we will see Nintendo on the big screen soon. One can only dream!

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Producers think Nintendo should definitely make movies

  1. kungfunaomi

    I would go for an ALL ANIMATED movie. NO live action! I really, really want to see Mario in Wreck-It-Ralph 2, that’s what I want. Wreck it Ralph is the first good credit to the video game industry as far as movies go.



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