Pokemon Direct and My Thoughts On It

imageThe Pokemon Direct aired just 2 hours ago and I of course slept right through it like a moron. Sorry this is coming out so late but when i did watch it i was having technical issues like you wouldn’t believe. Anyways on to what i thought of the Direct. I think the Direct was too short with too little information, it focused way too much on that “looking back” section or whatever they called it. Then when they got to Pokemon Sun and Moon they just “revealed”(we already knew) the logos and names and then gave the release date of “late 2016” like, when the heck even is that? They showed NO footage, gave NO info of story, setting, or gameplay, NO new Pokemons, NOTHING. Idk maybe its because i’m not a huge Pokemon fan, but that direct literally bored me. The only thing i thought was kinda neat was the Pokemon bank thing for the VC releases of old Gameboy Pokemon games. If i had to give  a score it would be a 4/10. But enough about what i thought, let me know what you guys thought down in the comments. And if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch the Pokemon direct below:

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