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My Nintendo Pricing Mistake, and Free Points for having had Club Nintendo

misc_mynintendo-bannerMy good friend Kungfunaomi has brought to my attention some very important details that just might help you get some extra points, and a good deal from My Nintendo. If you go to the rewards section of My Nintendo you may notice something strange, you can get 10 Miitomo tickets for only HALF the price of 5?! Why is that? We think they actually switched the prices of the two items by mistake. We don’t know how long it will be till they fix this so if you want a good deal you better head right on over ASAP! I was also informed by Kungfunaomi that if you had a Club Nintendo Account linked to the same NNID as your new My Nintendo account, it will recognize this and send you an email with instructions on how to get a free 200 platinum points! So if you had Club Nintendo before than go check your email! Thanks once again Kungfunaomi for the precious info.

New Miitomo Trailer

miitomoNintendo’s launched their brand new social app Miitomo today, and to celebrate they have released a new trailer for it on their new channel called Nintendo Mobile. So many new things! if you aren’t sure what Miitomo is, or if you want to know more, or if your completely addicted to Miitomo and crave everything about it (You know i do) the this trailer is just your thing! The trailer is about a minute and a half long and will tell you all you need to know before downloading it for free on either IOS or Android devices. You can watch the trailer below:

“Think you know your friends? Guess again! Miitomo is a smart device app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you that your friends have never seen before! Personalize your Mii, interact with your friends, make Miifotos, play minigames and more! Download the app for free today in the App Store or Google Play.”

Secret Mission in My Nintendo

misc_mynintendo-bannerToday Nintendo has finally released the replacement for Club Nintendo, My Nintendo, which you can sign up for points to be used for different rewards like a 15 or 30% off coupon on a compatible game. You get these special points by doing missions which are listed on the My Nintendo Site. But what if i told you there was one that wasn’t listed, a secret Mission? Well that’s just what i’m saying! If you go to the My Nintendo Site Home Page, scroll all the way down, click a brick on the bottom right hand corner, and then ¬†repeatedly click the present in your Mii’s hand you will get 10 platinum points for doing a Secret Mission! So why not go get some easy points, while feeling awesome because your doing a Secret Mission!

My Nintendo and Miitomo are Live

miitomoIt’s the 31st of March and you know what that means, today’s the day Nintendo steps out into the mobile space for the first time with their social app Miitomo, and this is the day the replacement for Club Nintendo, My Nintendo releases! (In the West anyways not worldwide, its already out in Japan.) So go now and start linking your accounts, download Miitomo and get it all set up, start earning points, and then scream to the heavens about it! Tell your family, tell your friends! Even tell that shady character at school everyone says to stay away from, i don’t care! Get the message out that all the new features have arrived! #NintendoForLife, #NintendoMasterRace, #NothingButTheBigN!


Interview with Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham

Mutant-Mudds-Super-ChallengeGameXplain recently got a chance to interview Jools Watsham, the Co-Founder of Renegade Kid’s, which has made many games including their newest project, Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge for the Wii U. The interview is very long and in depth (lasting nearly 40 minutes), and goes through a lot of interesting questions. You can seee the interview in the video below:

“We recently had the chance to interview Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham! He offers fascinating insight into Mutant Mudds: Super Challenges’ development, reacting to critics, the thought process behind Renegade Kid’s games, and what’s next for the team. All this and more in our latest interview!”


New Starfox Zero Trailer

star_fox_zero_artworkNintendo has been on the ball recently with their trailers, giving us a steady stream of amazing content, the latest being a brand new trailer for Starfox Zero. It’s pretty short (about 30 seconds) and doesn’t give any new information for the game, but it does show off some extremely action packed gameplay, and high quality cut scenes for your enjoyment. You can watch the newest trailer for Nintendo’s furry casted space shooter below:

“Don’t miss the exciting game trailer for Star Fox Zero only on Wii U. Available April 22, 2016!”

Pokemon Go New Details Uncovered

pokemon-go-logoNintendo and the Pokemon Company has recently had a user based field test for Pokemon Go and a bunch of new details has come out of it. You can watch GameXplains video below for all the juicy details:

“The newly launched field test of Pok√©mon Go in Japan has revealed a ton of new details about the mobile title. We go over all the new information and what it could mean for the final game.”

Miitomo Western release date revealed

miitomoNintendo’s first official mobile app Miitomo has been out in Japan for a couple of weeks now and many were wondering when it would be coming to the west. Well now we know! Nintendo has just announced that Miitomo will be coming to the US, UK and many other countries, on March 31st! I’m exited for the release of Miitomo, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can still preregister for Miitomo and My Nintendo to get special bonuses in the links below:

New Starfox Guard Trailer

imageNintendo updated their official site for Starfox Zero last week and a ton of new information was added. They added a bunch of cool videos, and character bios for Starfox Zero, and even a whole sub-site for Starfox Guard! The site has a trailer for the game, as well as an explanation of the main game and the custom level maker side mode. The two sites give you all the info you need to prepare yourself for their release on April 22nd. You can check out the Trailer below, and click the link to go straight to the Starfox Zero site below: