New Details for Star Fox Guard

star_fox_guard_slippyFollowing the recent Nintendo Direct, the official website for Star Fox Guard had launched. The website contains a ton of new and interesting details on the game, along with extra gameplay footage, and a bunch of new screenshots too. Feel free to check out everything released below.

Star Fox Guard will be bundled for free with Star Fox Zero, both games will launch worldwide on April 22nd.

  • Genre: Surveillance camera shooting
  • Players: 1
  • Save data: 1 per user, requires at least 1.5MB
  • Sound: Surround (Linear PCM)
  • Controllers: GamePad (not compatible with Off-TV)
  • Online: share enemy patterns with other players via the internet
  • play as the new employee of Corneria Precious Metals Co., Ltd., a mining company specialised in rare metals
  • protect the base from robots, who are trying to steal the precious metals
  • use special cameras called “ProteCam” (Protect + Camera)
  • these allow you to keep an eye out for enemies and shoot them with a laser
  • take control of any of 12 different cameras
  • place cameras in various locations to keep an eye on your base
  • TV screen lets you see footage of all cameras
  • select a specific camera on the touchscreen of the GamePad to shoot the enemies down
  • over 100 missions
  • two types of missions: regular story missions that involve various places in the Lylat system like Corneria and Titania
  • extra missions have different rules and are more challenging
  • extra missions include:
    Sniper: defend the base with a limited number of shots
    Airborn: enemies are parachuted directly into the base
    Tottori Tour: control a camera which is placed on top of a robotic bird
  • Enemy robots include
    Attack type: their goal is to reach the center of your base.
  • Attacker: when they’re shot, the top part of the robot falls off, but the bottom part keeps moving forward, which causes them to move faster
  • Shielf: these robots defend themselves with a shield that you cannot shoot through. You have to get their attention with a camera, and then switch to another one in order to shoot them in the back
  • Jammer type: “jam” your cameras with various tricks
  • Hi-Ho: they don’t take many shots to be destroyed, but if they get near the Control Tower, they automatically explode
  • Jack: they use a special signal to jam your cameras, and replace the footage with some dancing robots
  • Smog: when you destroy them, they release some smoke, obscuring your vision;
  • Green Tank
  • Invisible Robots: are invisible, and you need to shoot them to make them appear. You can hear them when they’re near one of your cameras
  • game will also have boss battles

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