TPHD early review

twilight_princess_hd_posterI finally got my copy of Twilight Princess HD in the mail yesterday and have been playing the game for about 4 hrs. I have beat the first dungeon and have decided to post an early review of the game. Don’t worry a full review will come out once i beat the game, but this is my sorta first impressions of the game. Lets get right to it. I judge a game in 5 different categories, Gameplay, Frame Rate, Sound, Graphics, and Fun, each category has 2 points i can give or take, adding up to a total of 10 max (this may change at a later date, but i’m going off of this for now.)

First off: Gameplay. The gameplay of this game feels solid, the controls work very well, the option for motion controls are amazing, the movement speed is perfect, and the camera controls work great. All the items worked how they were supposed to, and i didn’t find any glitches. There wasn’t a single point in the game where i felt i wasn’t in control, or that things weren’t working. The gameplay just works. GAME PLAY SCORE: 2/2

Second: Frame rate. The frame rate of this game is very good when played on the TV, i didn’t hardly notice any drops, it was very smooth. When played on the Gamepad however, there was a different story. The frame rate on the Gamepad is a steady 30fps 80% of the time, BUT there was a good 20% where the frame rate would tank really low, it was almost like Link was in slow motion! That’s cool but not what i wanted! FRAME RATE SCORE: 1.25/2

Next up is sound. I love music and cool sound effects and as such i value that highly in a game, and TPHD does not disappoint! The music and sound were spot on and the game sounds epic! I could listen to the soundtrack all day. SOUND SCORE: 2/2

Now onto the fourth category: graphics. Now i’m no graphics snob but i do like a good looking game, and TPHD does look good! The texture quality has been drastically improved, its a night and day difference. It doesn’t only look as good as i remember it looking, it looks way better than i remembered! I would literally stare at the textures for several minutes, soaking it all in, and annoying those who where watching me! The only thing i didn’t like was that the character models weren’t hardly touched. There clothing had a vast improvement, but even that ranged from character to character. They don’t look horrible but they do kinda stand out from the amazing environments around them. There was also the tiny problem of the characters in cut scenes being sorta shaky in their movements but that was a minor annoyance. GRAPHICS SCORE: 1.75/2

And last but not least we have the Fun category! Video games come down to one basic thing, fun. Most video games are here specifically for your enjoyment, and nothing else. And i got to tell you i did have a lot of fun! While it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, it certainly wasn’t boring. I had a very pleasant time with the game, and enjoyed my playtime consistently. However TP was never my favorite Zelda game (WWHD represent) and mix that with the fact that I’ve beat the original game on the GameCube twice means that it wasn’t too terribly exciting. This however should change as i get later into the game where my favorite parts are. FUN SCORE: 1.5/2

Over all i give the game a score of: 8.5!

It was an excellent game and i would recommend it to anyone with a love for Zelda, and/or a thirst for adventure!



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