Rumor: Wii U Ceasing Production and NX Revealed this year

Wii U Console HQRecently a rumor has come out that Nintendo is stopping the production of the Wii U due to low demand, and that the NX will be revealed this year. This rumor comes to us from the reputable Japanese Website Nikkei, who is known for being truthful, and wouldn’t post anything they didn’t believe to be true. However we should take everything with a grain of salt until Nintendo confirms it just in case. Now we already knew that Nintendo would talk about the NX this year (they said so), and we were pretty much sure they would fully reveal it, but the info about them shutting down the Wii U production is very interesting. That means its very likely the NX will release this year, and if not, very early 2017, but most of the rumors have been pointing to a 2016 launch so it releasing this year is more likely. You can watch GameXplains video below for more details:

“A rumor on the Japanese website,, has revealed that Nintendo might be halting production on the Wii U and Wii U accessories. Not only that but the NX WILL be revealed this year. Get all the details here!”

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