My Nintendo Pricing Mistake, and Free Points for having had Club Nintendo

misc_mynintendo-bannerMy good friend Kungfunaomi has brought to my attention some very important details that just might help you get some extra points, and a good deal from My Nintendo. If you go to the rewards section of My Nintendo you may notice something strange, you can get 10 Miitomo tickets for only HALF the price of 5?! Why is that? We think they actually switched the prices of the two items by mistake. We don’t know how long it will be till they fix this so if you want a good deal you better head right on over ASAP! I was also informed by Kungfunaomi that if you had a Club Nintendo Account linked to the same NNID as your new My Nintendo account, it will recognize this and send you an email with instructions on how to get a free 200 platinum points! So if you had Club Nintendo before than go check your email! Thanks once again Kungfunaomi for the precious info.

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