New Miitomo Trailer

miitomoNintendo’s launched their brand new social app Miitomo today, and to celebrate they have released a new trailer for it on their new channel called Nintendo Mobile. So many new things! if you aren’t sure what Miitomo is, or if you want to know more, or if your completely addicted to Miitomo and crave everything about it (You know i do) the this trailer is just your thing! The trailer is about a minute and a half long and will tell you all you need to know before downloading it for free on either IOS or Android devices. You can watch the trailer below:

“Think you know your friends? Guess again! Miitomo is a smart device app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you that your friends have never seen before! Personalize your Mii, interact with your friends, make Miifotos, play minigames and more! Download the app for free today in the App Store or Google Play.”

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