Secret Mission in My Nintendo

misc_mynintendo-bannerToday Nintendo has finally released the replacement for Club Nintendo, My Nintendo, which you can sign up for points to be used for different rewards like a 15 or 30% off coupon on a compatible game. You get these special points by doing missions which are listed on the My Nintendo Site. But what if i told you there was one that wasn’t listed, a secret Mission? Well that’s just what i’m saying! If you go to the My Nintendo Site Home Page, scroll all the way down, click a brick on the bottom right hand corner, and then ¬†repeatedly click the present in your Mii’s hand you will get 10 platinum points for doing a Secret Mission! So why not go get some easy points, while feeling awesome because your doing a Secret Mission!

4 thoughts on “Secret Mission in My Nintendo

  1. kungfunaomi

    If you want to post this, I received an email from Nintendo with a point code stating that I am eligible for more points because I was a member of Club Nintendo. I entered the code here :
    it says that the 200 platinum coins I got from the code will expire six months from now.


  2. kungfunaomi

    REDEEM YOUR MIITOMO TICKETS NOW. There’s a glitch that has 10 Miitomo game tickets at 250 platinum points, and 5 Miitomo game tickets for 420 platinum points. Get ten before they fix it!



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