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Bravely Second: End Layer Opening Cutscene and Title Screen

GameXplain has got their hands on Bravely Second: End Layer and the coverage is pouring out! They just uploaded the opening cutscene from the game, as well as the title screen for you guys to enjoy. You can watch it in all it’s epic RPG glory below:

“Check out the opening cutscene to Bravely Second:: End Layer as well as the title screen!’


Miitomo Western release date revealed

miitomoNintendo’s first official mobile app Miitomo has been out in Japan for a couple of weeks now and many were wondering when it would be coming to the west. Well now we know! Nintendo has just announced that Miitomo will be coming to the US, UK and many other countries, on March 31st! I’m exited for the release of Miitomo, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can still preregister for Miitomo and My Nintendo to get special bonuses in the links below:

New Starfox Guard Trailer

imageNintendo updated their official site for Starfox Zero last week and a ton of new information was added. They added a bunch of cool videos, and character bios for Starfox Zero, and even a whole sub-site for Starfox Guard! The site has a trailer for the game, as well as an explanation of the main game and the custom level maker side mode. The two sites give you all the info you need to prepare yourself for their release on April 22nd. You can check out the Trailer below, and click the link to go straight to the Starfox Zero site below:

18 Minutes of Metroid Prime Federation Force

metroid prime federation forceGameXplain has recently got to play tons of different games at this years Wondercon, and one of those is Metroid Prime Federation Force. They have uploaded an 18 minute video of the 4 player co-op space shooter, which you can watch below:

“We play through a full mission from Metroid Prime: Federation Force, M03: Smokestack, in which we battle through a Power Station and have a boss fight against a generator! That and more in this gameplay video captured at Wondercon 2016!”

40 Minutes of Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge Gameplay

unnamedGameXplain has played an early version of Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge, and recorded an outstanding 40 minutes of footage! You can watch them play the free downloadable Amiibo game in the video below, or play it early yourself by buying a compatible Amiibo from Game Stop or Best Buy:

“An early version of Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge has been released if you purchase an amiibo from GameStop or Best Buy! We see exactly what the “free” game has to offer in this 40 minute preview!”

Starfox Zero Wondercon Footage

imageGameXplain recently got to play Nintendo’s upcoming furry casted space shooter, Starfox Zero, at this years Wondercon. You can watch them scrap some metal (jokes for days) in the Titania level, in the video below:

“Check out the Titania mission from Star Fox Zero, including its Scrapworm boss battle, in this gameplay demo from Wondercon!”


Hyrule Warriors Legends Launch Trailer

imageHyrule Warriors is available now, and as such Nintendo has posted a Launch Trailer for the game! Now you can play the amazing Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, on the go on any of the 3DS Family of Systems! You can see the trailer for this 3DS enhanced port below:

“Hyrule Warriors Legends is available now!