Hyrule Warriors Legends – Medli Gameplay Trailer and Analysis

imageHyrule Warriors Legends released last month on the 24th, yet we still havn’t gotten every new DLC character coming to the game, or seen much gameplay for them at all. Well Koei Techmo has started to rectify this situation giving us a new gameplay trailer for Medli (a free DLC Character), who originally debuted in Wind Waker, on December of 2002 on the GameCube. Well like usual when a gameplay trailer comes out, the good old analysis machine always finds out… That’s right GameXplain has been all over this, cranking the analysis machine to its fullest, and has a brand new analysis ready for our viewing pleasure! You can watch the Trailer, and the Analysis below:

“The first gameplay footage of Medli debuted at WonderCon 2016! Take a look at the free DLC character that’s coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends!”

“Medli has gotten her first trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends! We take a closer look to check out her moveset, references to Wind Waker, and what type of warrior she may be. All this and more in our latest Hyrule Warriors analysis!”

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