StarFox Zero and StarFox Guard Overview Trailers (Japanese)

star_fox_zero_artworkNintendo of Japan has posted trailers for both Starfox Zero and Starfox Guard. While they are both in Japanese, they are still interesting to watch, and you can get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in both of them. If you can get over everything being in Japanese, or maybe even know Japanese yourself, then this is very worth your watch. Starfox Zero comes out April 21st, and is packaged with Starfox Guard if bought physically, for only 60$. You can watch the trailers for both of them below:

“Nintendo of Japan has released a new trailer going over many of the features that can be found in Star Fox Zero! Check them out!”

“Nintendo of Japan released a new overview trailer for Star Fox Guard to show off what the game is like. See how it all plays and what the Amiibo can do in this bundled game with Star Fox Zero!”

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