StarFox Zero Q&A: 50 Questions Answered

star_fox_zero_artworkGameXplain has been on the ball with their Starfox Zero coverage, this time making a Q&A for Starfox Zero that is 50 questions long! The video is 20 minutes of just answering FAQ from their comment section, filling us in on all the Starfox Zero details. Give them a pat on the back, and like and subscribe to their channel because they put a ton of work into their content. Also if you have any questions about Starfox Zero that they don’t cover, put it in the comment section and i will answer it the best i can. You can watch the Q&A below:

“We answer a TON of your Star Fox Zero questions in our Q&A video! We cover amiibo, GamePad controls, game length, difficultly, co-op multiplayer, story details, and whether Team Star Fox is as chatty as before, and much, much more! Seriously, there’s a ton of questions here!”

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