Crazy Zelda Wii U Rumors

zelda_wii_u_link_lasersEver since Nintendo announced that Zelda Wii U was going to be delayed until 2016 they have been extremely tight lipped about the game, and we’ve heard basically nothing about it, not even very many rumors. Hell, they didn’t even give us a peep at E3 either, and the most recent footage is 10 second gameplay clip with no new info, that was only shown off to compliment the announcement of Twilight Princess HD. Well that has all changed now that fairly reliable source Emily Rogers (Who correctly predicted Paper Mario Color Splash, as well as many other things) has tweeted out three huge bombshell rumors about the game! The first rumor is that Zelda Wii U will also come to the NX (which i was already 95% sure about anyways.) But the second one is very interesting because its that there will be a male and female character option in the game! And the third rumor is the biggest, and most decisive  rumor of all, and it’s that every character in the game will be Voice Acted except for Link/Linkle! Personally as a Die Hard Zelda fan to the core this is amazing news! The option for a female Link (Possibly Linkle) is great! The only thing i’m concerned about is the VA, just because traditionally there has always been text boxes instead, which i’ve always found charming, but if the can pull it off VA could add a lot to the series, there’s just a ton of risks involved. Also the NX version is pretty much a given, just because they wouldn’t want a game in one of there best selling series come out the same year as the NX but not come out on the system, making their older console more appealing to many, than their new console. Just saying. But anyways, if you want more info about the rumors I’ve posted GameXplains video below, and they also have plenty of coverage, in-depth discussions, and Analysis on all the Zelda footage shown so far, which you can check out on their channel:


“3 new rumors for Zelda Wii U popped up today including that it is coming to the NX, there will be voice acting for everyone but Link, and that you can choose Link’s gender: male or female.”


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