New Secret Found in Earthbound

EarthBoundEven after all these years, we still manage to find new secrets never before known about in our beloved SNES games, and Earthbound is no exception. In a game chock full of weird and interesting details yet another one has been found. Yet, we’re not exactly sure if its an Easter egg, or a glitch. See for yourself in GameXplains video below:

“A new secret has been found within Earthbound using a second controller. The question is, is this an Easter Egg or a glitch? Learn all about it here!”

3 thoughts on “New Secret Found in Earthbound

  1. kungfunaomi

    That is awesome!!
    There’s a glitch that I discovered in Super Mario Bros. DS a few years ago, in multiplayer if you are on the piranha plant stage and you get an invincible star just as you die, your respawn character will have glitter coming out of him (but he won’t be invincible) and the invincible music will continue playing until you die again. I never documented it because I was never able to time it just right in order to videotape it.



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