StarFox Zero “The Battle Begins” Live Event

star_fox_zero_artworkNintendo is holding a special Live Event just for Starfox Zero on April 20th, at 3:00PM PT! The Event will start with the World Premier of the StarFox Zero Animated Short “The Battle Begins”, followed up by the Nintendo TreeHouse playing StarFox Zero and Guard. Its’s bound to be a great time so make sure you don’t miss it, you can learn more about it from Nintendo’s video i put below below:

“Join us for the world premiere of a Star Fox Zero animated short, followed by Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard on April 20th at 3 PM PT! You can watch at Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins was produced in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto, and Production IG and WIT Studios.”

6 thoughts on “StarFox Zero “The Battle Begins” Live Event

      1. kungfunaomi

        There we go I just learned how to do it in Blender. I think I might do that for my animations from now on. It’s called cell shading, or in layman’s terms, toon shading.



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