StarFox Zero Launch Trailer

star_fox_zero_artworkGamexplain has uploaded the launch trailer for StarFox Zero early on their YouTube channel. The Trailer is amazing, and really makes the game look fun and epic, and just makes you get hyped for the release of the game. 4/5 Nintendo great Trailer! You can watch Nintendo’s furry casted space shooter in action, in the trailer below:

“Check out the Launch Trailer for StarFox Zero and StarFox Guard, coming April 22nd”

3 thoughts on “StarFox Zero Launch Trailer

  1. kungfunaomi

    It’s a good presentation but I feel like it lacks either more emotion, or he needs to sound more like it’s a mission briefing.


      1. kungfunaomi

        Maybe it’s just me. I did like the presentation though. Maybe it was that he said ‘my father’ way way way too much.
        Five minutes until Star Fox!!!!



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