Nintendo Opens the floodgates on E3, NX, Zelda U/NX, and Mobile News

zelda_wii_u_nxLate last Night Nintendo had an investors meeting, and as i reported earlier Dr. Serkan Toto said Nintendo would let out a few bombshells, and boy did they ever! They announced the Release date of the NX (March 2017), the fact that Zelda Wii U is delayed till next year to coincide with the Zelda NX version, and that Zelda U/NX will be playable at E3. They also said that both Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing will have games coming out on Mobile, and that the NX won’t be unveiled at E3, but rather at a seperate conference later in the year! This news is of course crazy news, with some news being good, and some news having a bit of a short term disappointment. You can learn more about it in GameXplains videos below:

“Nintendo has confirmed the Nintendo NX is coming in March 2017…and so is Zelda Wii U, and now Zelda NX as well. And while Zelda Wii U will be at E3, Nintendo NX won’t be.”

“Nintendo has confirmed Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming to iPhone and Android and they also released new artworl of Link in Zelda Wii U & NX!”

“Nintendo has confirmed Zelda Wii U will be the ONLY Nintendo game playable @ E3 2016. They also confirmed the Nintendo NX will be revealed later this year!”

“We discuss ALL of the disappointing Nintendo news from their investor meeting including that the NX is coming out in March 2017, Zelda NX & Zelda Wii U delayed to next year, and that Zelda Wii U will be the only Nintendo title playable at E3! What does this mean for the Wii U in 2016? And what about E3? All that and tons more in our latest Nintendo discussion!”

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Opens the floodgates on E3, NX, Zelda U/NX, and Mobile News

  1. kungfunaomi

    It’s great to finally hear some confirmation but… WHAT!? They are missing out on holiday sales, no NX at E3, just Zelda, (and no offense but that’s not a ton to look forward to) and… yeah. What is up!? I mean I get wanting to make sure there’s games to play but I am not seeing a ton of strategy there…


    1. Batman Post author

      The NX coming out in 2016 is fine, but them not showing it off at E3 is weird. But if they show it off a couple months later it won’t be a big deal. Infact if they do it right it could work out great for them because they will be the only onee in the spotlight. I also imagine they will talk somewhat about the NX, just because its Nintendo and they do that kinda thing, atleast they might announce the date of the NX showing at E3. Also Zelda will be the only playable game, not the only game they show off. Personally that amount of attention of Zelda is AMAZING for me because its my most anticipated game of this generation period.


      1. kungfunaomi

        Oh, the only PLAYABLE game. I get it. So the professionals are the only ones who are going to be bored at the Nintendo booth XD.
        The way they have kept the NX under wraps I really doubt that they will show anything.



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