Splatoon Gets New Callie & Marie Amiibo, and Old Splatoon Amiibo Get Reskins

splatoonSplatoon is Nintendo’s biggest hit lately, and they’ve been keeping it fresh (see what i did there?) with new content since launch, with things like new maps and guns for us to enjoy. But now they are freshening Splatoon up in a different way, by adding even more Splatoon Amiibo! Come July 8th you’ll be able to pick up Amiibos of the famous Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, to unlock special tunes not available in the regular game! We also are getting reskins of the older Splatoon Amiibo to freshen them up as well! Not only are they good for in-game fun, the Splatoon Amiibo are some of the best and highest quality Amiibo i’ve seen yet. Seriously, they are very detailed, and just look stunning up on display. If you have Splatoon, or if you just like cool video game related merch, than these Amiibo are definitely for you. (And if you don’t have Splatoon, what do you live under a rock? Do you have no taste in games? Get a Wii U and get Splatoon! Lol) You can see the Amiibo yourself in the video below:

“On July 8, Callie and Marie join the lineup of Splatoon series Amiibo figures. Use them in-game to see fresh performances by the Squid Sisters! Also launching the same day are new colors of Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid Amiibo figures.”

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