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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Heroes Showdown Trailer (Wii U)

mario_and_sonic_at_the_rio_2016_olympic_games_character_artworkNintendo has uploaded a brand new trailer for Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games! The trailer is titled “heroes showdown” and shows off a mode which i believe has the same name. The mode is all about choosing between Team Mario and Team Sonic, and then trying to beat the team in different sports. Every time you win you get the chance to eliminate one opponent on the other team, and get a chance card which can do many different things like let you “fire up” a member of your team. The point is to see who can eliminate the most players. The mode seems quite interesting and the overall game looks very fun, fleshed out, polished, and graphically appealing. If you want to see the trailer for, to be honest, a better explanation of the mode, and to see it in action, the trailer is embedded below:

“Check out the some of the sports coming to the Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for Wii U in this new trailer!”

Kirby: Planet Robobot – Robobot Rampage Trailer

kirby-planet-robobotNintendo of UK has posted a brand new trailer for Kirby: Planet Robobot on their YouTube channel, and GameXplain has uploaded it on theirs so we can view it her in the US. The trailer has a few seconds of CGI cut scenes but is mainly filled with high action gameplay. The trailer makes Kirby look as Kick-butt as ever, and is a great trailer to show off the high action elements of this game. You can see the trailer in the video below:

“Watch out! Kirby’s got a mech and he’s about to RAMPAGE! Check out this awesome new trailer for Kirby: Planet Robobot from Nintendo UK!”

Kirby: Planet Robobot – Overview Trailer

kirby-planet-robobotNintendo has just released a new overview trailer for Kirby: Planet Robobot, and its really cool! This trailer shows off everything you need to know about this game, from the new abilities, to the new modes, to the amiibo functionality, this trailer coves it all! This trailer shows a lot of cool gameplay, and again uses that new catch phrase “Kirby Kicks Bot” which is interesting to note. If you don’t know what Kirby: Planet robobot is about, or if you want to know more you need to see this trailer! You can see the trailer in the video below:

“Kirby’s peaceful planet now has a threatening mechanized twist in this exciting trailer for Kirby: Planet Robobot. Rise up and get ready to kick some bot – available June 10, only on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.”

New abilities @ 0:53
Team Kirby Clash @ 2:33
Kirby 3D Rumble @ 3:20
amiibo functionality @ 4:12

Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Announced

MH StoriesCapcom has released a  Japanese release date for Monster Hunter Stories, as well as that there will be Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo! They did show pics of the amiibo, and they look very cool! The amiibo will be coming out in two waves of seemingly 3 amiibo each, so that’s at least 6 Monster Hunter amiibo to look forward to! You can check out the Japanese release date, and info and pics of the amiibo, in the video below:

“A Japanese release date for Monster Hunter Stories has been announced, as well as news on it getting its own line of amiibo! Get all the deets in this video.”



E3 Will Have 2 Extended Zelda Wii U Demos Available to play

zelda_wii_u_nxA number of different media sites are reporting that Nintendo told them there will be 2 extended Zelda Wii U demos at E3, and that they should set aside 90 MINUTES to play them! Truly Nintendo has a lot of faith in this game, and to show a game for an hour and a half and not spoil it too much, this has to be a massive game! If you are hyped for E3 as much as i am (I severely doubt it) then let me know in the comments below, and like and reblog this post! YEAH, GO ZELDA WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Source: My Nintendo News on Tumblr

Hyrule Warriors Legends – All Master Wind Waker DLC Costumes (3DS)

hyrule-warriors-legendsGameXplain has gotten their hands on the recently released Master Wind Waker DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends, and are now showing it off. This time they show off all the Costume that come with the DLC. As i’ve said before i LOVE Wind Waker so any kind of representation is awesome! You can see the costumes in the video below:

“The first bit of DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends has released along with some new costumes. Check out all of the new options from the Master Wind Waker DLC!”


Interview with “Brawl in the Family’s” Creator, Matthew Taranto (Tadpole Treble)

GameXplain LogoGameXplain has gotten an exclusive interview with Mathew Taranto the creator of the neat indie game, Tadpole Treble. They talk for about an hour, about why stopped Brawl in the Family, Tadpole Treble, and even this years E3. You can listen to the interview in the video below:

“We interview very special guest, Matthew Taranto from the web comic Brawl in the Family, and talk about his new game Tadpole Treble, along with his thoughts on E3 this year and Paper Mario.”

Kirby: Planet Robobot – World 3 Boss (English) SPOILERS


GameXplain has gotten their hands on the NA version of Kirby: Planet Robobot so now they are giving us some footage in English! This time they show off the World 3 Boss which  looks really epic. The video has a lot of dialogue, which to my knowledge is not something you usually find in a Kirby game, but i could be mistaken. Anyways you can see the boss fight in the video below:

“Kirby has his first real encounter with the Haltmann Works Company in World 3’s boss! See what they’re after as he takes them down with the new Poison ability!”

2 New Kirby: Planet Robobot Trailers

kirby-planet-robobotNintendo has uploaded 2 new trailers for Kirby: Planet Robobot on their YouTube channel. The first trailer is called “Kirby Kits Bot” and has a really cool CG cutscene showing off the new mech suits in the game, as well as some cool gameplay. The second trailer shows off the new Kirby amiibo, and some gameplay as well. Both these trailers introduce this new slogan Nintendo seems to have for the game “Kirby’s Kicking bots” which is pretty cool. You can see both of the trailers below:

“See Kirby take robot rampage up a notch in Kirby: Planet Robobot! Available 6/10.”

“Tap in new Kirby series amiibo and unlock all-new abilities in Kirby: Planet Robobot! Available 6/10.”

Kirby Amiibo Series Unboxing (Meta Knight, Dedede, Waddle Dee, & Kirby)

kirby-planet-robobotGameXplain has gotten a hold of the new Kirby series Amiibo, and have done a special un-boxing video showing them off. These Amiibo are very nicely made, and have a lot of good detail, they are worth buying as figures alone, but they will also do things in Planet Robobot when it releases. You can see the new Amiibo below:

“We unbox Kirby Planet Robobot and the Kirby series of amiibo, including King Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and Kirby himself!”