Miitomo Themed Splatfest

splatoonOne of the best parts of Splatoon is fighting for your team in a Splatfest, and one of the best additions to Miitomo has been Splatoon themed clothes, so why not switch it back around and do a Miitomo themed Splatfest! Well that’s exactly what Nintendo is doing. And what better part of Miitomo to focus on then the clothing aspect. Next week Splatoon will be having a Fancy Party, VS Costume Party, its all about what you like to wear during a party. You can watch GameXplains video below for specific times and dates:

“The next Splatfest has been announced with a party theme! Would you rather go to a Costume Party or a Fancy Party? Let us know who you’ll be fighting for in Splatoon! Thanks to Joe B for the heads-up!”

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