Pokemon: Sun and Moon – Starter Reveal Trailer

pokemon_sun__moon_logosNew Trailers have been released in North America, and Japan which show off the new Starter Pokemon coming to Pokemon: Sun and Moon. The first is Rowlet, a grass Flying type, owl like creature. the second is Litten a Cat like Fire type creature, and finally Popplio a Seal like Water type creature. The starters aren’t the coolest of any of the Pokemon games, but they are unique and interesting. The trailer also shows off the legendary Pokemon for each game, and the box art for both games with the legendarys  on there respective covers. The trailer also reveals the release date for November 18th in NA. You can watch the NA and Japanese Trailers below:

“Check out the new starters in the seventh generation of Pokémon! Which is your favorite?”

“There’s new things to see in the Japanese trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon! Check it out!”

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