Pokémon Sun & Moon Analysis – Starter Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Pokemon Sun and Moon BoxartNintendo and the Pokemon Company uploaded a trailer for Pokemon: Sun and Moon, which had a lot of, say, secrets and hidden details;) And you uys all know what that means… wait you don’t know, who are you the new guy? Get with the program! Obviously i’m talking about GameXplain busting out the old Analysis Machine! (Stinking new guys;) That’s right GameXplain has uploaded their Analysis of the new Pokemon: Sun and Moon Trailer, and it turns it was bursting to the seams with hidden info! You can wach the analysis below:

“The first gameplay has finally been revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon along with the new starters and the Legendaries! We take a closer look at each new Pokémon, the new characters, and the region of Alola. We cover all this and so much more in our latest Pokémon analysis!”

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