Nintendo is Getting into the Movie Business

super_smash_bros__characters_posterYou heard it right Nintendo is officially working on movies based off of their world famous IPs! President Tatsumi Kimishima was interviewed by Asahi and they discussed many topics including Nintendo and movies. Kimishima stated that Nintendo was going to make Nintendo movies, and that they wanted to make it to where they  “can do as much as we can ourselves.” The first of hopefully several Nintendo movies was said to be done in 2-3 years, but what the movie would be was not mentioned. Personally i hope for the movie i’ve wanted since i first played LOZ OoT when i was just a few years old, a Legend of Zelda animated movie! But probably first i would want to see a Smash bro’s movie, maybe in a kind of Avengers-ish kinda way. What movies do you want to see from Nintendo? Let me know in the comments below:

2 thoughts on “Nintendo is Getting into the Movie Business

  1. kungfunaomi

    And they’ll be GREAT at it! Who doesn’t want to see like 120 minutes of video game cutscenes!?
    I personally agree for the Smash Bros. Movie, that’s what I want to see, but I actually have a feeling that because there’s a lot of content for it they will be doing LOZ first. That’s what I would do as a movie maker, but who knows? I’m worried about like doing a mario movie because I would be afraid it would turn out like the Angry Birds movie.



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