Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Reveal Trailer Analysis 2 (Ideas from the Comments)

Pokemon Sun and Moon BoxartGameXplain had pulled out the old Analysis machine to study the Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter trailer, to find all the secrets and details it may of been hiding, but it turns out in its old age it missed a few things. It turns out the multitude of Analyst prevails and many people in the comments noticed things the Analysis just couldn’t have caught on it’s own. As such GameXplain has made a second Analysis based off the ideas and insights of the people of the comments! You can watch this comment inspired Analysis below:

“We return to the Starter Reveal Trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon to look at YOUR ideas and observations! We take a closer look at the Legendary Pokémon, what the Starters final types will be, and whether Kukui or Hala is the Professor. All this and more in our latest Pokémon analysis!”

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