Pokémon Sun & Moon – Explore the Alola Region Trailer

Pokemon Sun and Moon BoxartNintendo and the Pokemon Company have just released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and boy does it reveal a lot! They show off the official names of both of the Legendary’s, their respective types and abilities, and their main attack in action. They also show an artistic rendering of the entire Alola region, and short snippets of gameplay in the region. They also showed off a few of the characters you will be meeting on your way, confirming some of the theories GameXplain had in their analysis. Finally they showed that the Pokedex is getting a massive overhaul due to a Rotom now living inside of this tablet like device! It doesn’t say exactly what changes this will make other than “Its a whole new way for people and Pokemon to communicate” but i think it might serve as a sort of a portable PC, but maybe not with all its functions. But who knows? Anyways if you want all the info (and there’s a lot i didn’t cover) then you can see the trailer in the video below:

“Learn more about the Alola region in Pokémon Sun & Moon by meeting the new characters and learning the official names of the Legendary Pokémon!”

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