Pokémon Sun & Moon – Alola Map Analysis

Pokemon Sun and Moon BoxartNintendo and the Pokemon Company have recently released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it was rife with new information. As we know this can only mean one thing… is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its the Old Analysis Machine back in action! That’s right GameXplain has gotten their hands in this trailer, and they are scrutinizing it for new secrets and hidden details! There was so much new info though, that this analysis is only the first of at least two analysis. This first analysis focuses completely on the new artistic, highly detailed rendering of the entire Alola region map. You would be surprised at all the things you can find out about a Pokemon game just by looking at a detailed map. In fact there was enough info to keep you on the edge of your seats for 16 minutes! If you want to be in-the-know with the latest details on Pokemon Sun and Moon you can’t miss the analysis in the video below:

“A new trailer has arrived for Pokémon Sun & Moon, but one of the biggest pieces of information is the newly revealed map for the Alola Region. So for our first analysis, we take a closer look at the four main islands of Alola, highlight every special location, and try to determine the route players will take in the full game. All this and more in our latest Pokémon analysis! And stay tuned for our upcoming analysis on all the other details from the Alola Region Trailer!”

“Be sure to watch our original Sun & Moon analysis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdzyhRc31oQ

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