A TON More Info on Leaked (now officially revealed) Zelda Wii U/NX Artwork

Zelda Artwork Rock ClimbingNintendo has now officially revealed the leaked artwork i posted about yesterday, only this time its expanded and at a much higher resolution. GameXplain has now taken a look at both versions of the picture and extrapolated a TON of new info about it. They also discuss two Lanyards (skinny little picture sign thingy’s) which seems to show two different Links, a male and a female. You can see the Artwork, watch their in-depth analysis, and listen to their discussion, in the videos below:

“We analyze the NEW rock climbing artwork leaked by Amazon before The Legend of Zelda Wii U & NX before E3 2016! We explore how Link’s ability to rock climb might work, point out secrets hidden in the world–including Hyrule Castle–and how it might tie into that “4 Main Dungeons” rumor. All this and more in our analysis of the Zelda U & NX Artwork from Amazon.com!”

“Nintendo has officially released the new Zelda Wii U & NX artwork that was leaked through Amazon which reveals an expanded map with brand new details! Check them all out here!”

“While new Zelda artwork was leaked today by Amazon, Nintendo has since released the full image! So we give our thoughts on Link being able to rock climb, the expanded look at the new Hyrule, and the E3 lanyard showing off two potentially different Links. And make sure to stick around as we give our in-depth thoughts on the recently released high quality version of the artwork! All this and more in our latest Zelda discussion!”

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