Rumor Nintendo NX To be On Par With PS4 Neo, and Revealed in Spetember

Fake NX Image.jpg

Now that E3 is over and we are inching ever closer to the unveiling of the Nintendo NX, that rumor mill is a turning! This latest rumor comes from  French publication  which seems to be one of the most popular gaming sites in France. (I’m not French so i’m not 100% sure) Anyways they are saying that the Nintendo NX will be on-par with the PS4 Neo, and that they will reveal it in September. Both of these are good (assuming its true) and both of these i have suspected for a while. But anyways, what do you guys think? Will it be as powerful as the PS4 Neo? Will it be revealed in September? Few know, but many dare to guess. leave your opinion in the comments below:

P.S. The above image is a fake mockup not the real NX, and Super Mario Galaxy 3 has unfortunately not been confirmed.

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