NEW amiibo Slideshow – Zelda BotW, Callie & Marie, Rosalina, Waluigi, Boo, DK & More!

Zelda Breath of the Wild amiiboNintendo announced a to of new amiibo at E3 this year, and they also had them on display for everyone to see. GameXplain has gotten pictures of the amiibo on display, ad have uploaded a video compilation of the images. It must be noted that these are not the final versions, and designs may be subject to change. Anyways if you want to see the new amiibo you can in the video below:

“Check out all the upcoming amiibo in this close-up slideshow gallery, featuring Zelda Breath of the Wild’s Guardian, Archer Link, and Rider Link, Splatoon’s Squid Sister amiibo as well as the new Inkling and Squid colors, and the new Mario sries amiibo including Rosalina, Waluigi, Boo, Diddy, DK, and more!”

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