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Sonic Mania Analysis – Reveal Trailer & Gameplay

Sonic ManiaSega just announced a new retro 2D sonic game with a cool trailer, and a lot of separate gameplay showings. With all this new info, anyone who’s anyone can guess what this means… GameXplain has made another amazing analysis! You can learn all about the secrets and hidden details they uncovered in the video below:

“A throwback to the Genesis days of Sonic is coming in Spring 2017 with Sonic Mania! We take a closer look at Sonic and his abilities, the return of Green Hill Zone, and the brand new Studiopolis Zone! All this and much more in our latest Sonic analysis!”

Lady Layton – Reveal Trailer (JP)

Lady-Layton.pngLevel-5 just revealed a new game in the Professor Layton series, Lady Layton! You can learn all we know about the game, by watching the trailer below:

P.S. I didn’t read GameXplains description before writing my part of the blog, we just happened to right something extremely similar. Lol.

“Level-5 is releasing a brand new game in the Professor Layton series, Lady Layton! What mysteries and puzzles lie in wait for us?”

RUMOR – NX to Also Play Nintendo Mobile Titles & Cheaper Than Majority Expect

NX to also play mobile gamesAnother Rumor about the NX (What’s new?) and this one ties into the rumor that the NX is a mobile unit that connects to the TV and has two detachable controllers. SO the rumor is that the system alongside playing Nintendo’s console exclusives, it will also be able to play all of Nintendo’s Smartphone titles. Also some people were worried that the NX would be expensive, but this latest rumor suggests that the console will actually be fairly priced, which is good news. You can learn even more about the rumor in GameXplains video below:

“The Wall Street Journal has released an article stating that it may be possible for the NX to run Nintendo’s mobile titles while are reporting that the device may be cheaper than most expect. We break down the full details!”

RUMOR: NX Is a Handheld Hybrid with Detachable Controllers; Connects to TV

NX detachable controller rumor

A new rumor has come out about the upcoming Nintendo NX (SO Surprising…) and this one is very interesting. So the rumor is that the Nintendo NX is actually an extremely powerful handheld (we’re talking a handheld that’s close to Xbone power) that hooks up to your TV. That alone isn’t really that new of a rumor, people have been saying stuff like that for a while, but the new part is something no one really thought of. The rumor is that the handheld has two controllers that are on the sides of the controller that while on the go are attached and add more controls, but when connected to the TV, can be taken off and used as separate controllers! That on paper may sound weird, but when you see how they do it, it may work very well. Go ahead and watch GameXplains video below to get a better idea of what this rumor is, and how it may work:

“A new rumor has come out from from multiple sources, seemingly confirming that the NX will be a handheld/console hybrid with detachable controllers. There’s much more beyond though as it reveals the physical medium, power, and when Nintendo plans to officially reveal the system. Get all of the details here!”

Miitomo to get New Mini-game Update

miitomoMiitomo was a very popular app when it first released, but lately users have been dropping the game due to a lack of interesting updates. Heck even i deleted the game due to needing storage space on my phone (also because none of my friends gave a crap about the game.) Nintendo is hoping to reverse this trend by adding new mini-games to the title! Remember all those frustrating moments you had in Miitomo Drop where the completely rigged game only ever gave you candies?! (Totally not bitter…) Well Nintendo is finally making use of those candies by making new mini-games that use the candies in order to play them. We don’t know what these mini-games are but hopefully they will be fun, and maybe be a reason for people to go back to the app. Oh, and they are also doing other things to the app i was just told. Apparently they are also simplifying the interface, expanding the chat options, allowing you to coose who comes through your doors instead of just random strangers, and giving us the ability to turn of daily Miifotots (something i found very annoying personally) These are all promising things, and i believe this will be a very good update. Will this pull people back into the game… we’ll see. But let me know if you still play Miitomo, or if maybe this update will bring you back, in the comment section below:


Pokémon Go – New Details Revealed at SDCC Panel

pokemon-go-logoThere was a panel for Pokemon Go at this years San Diego Comic Con, and new details have come out about the game from the panel. You can learn all about the new details in the video below:

“Pokémon Go had a panel at San Diego Comic Con where Niantic revealed a bunch of new details on the game! See what they have planned and how complete the game really is in their eyes!”

7 Sega Easter Eggs in Sonic Mania & Sonic 2017

Sonic ManiaThe Sonic team is known for putting many Easter Eggs into their games, and Sonic Mania is no exception. The Sonic Mania trailer has 6 Easter Eggs that we’ve noticed so far, and one has been found in the Sonic 2017 trailer as well. You can see the Easter Eggs in the video below:

“The trailer and footage for Sonic Mania is stuffed with secrets and references to Sega’s past! We point out 6 that we noticed plus 1 reference in Sonic 2017 that we missed in our analysis! Which one is your favorite?”