Pokémon Sun & Moon – “Thoughts on the NEWLY Revealed Pokémon” Discussion

Pokemon Sun and Moon BoxartSo we all know by now that the Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon: Sun and Moon, which showed off a couple of new Pokemon coming to the game.And we all also know that all of us have different opinions of which Pokemon shown were good, and which were not so good. That is why whilst we are all arguing among ourselves, GameXplain has made a discussion about how we are all wrong, and that their opinions are obviously superior;) Oh and Chuggaaconroy is there to also demolish all our wrong views of Pokemon as well. Thanks Chugga for setting us straight;) Anyways you can watch the discussion in the video below, and let me know what you think about the new Pokemon in the comments below:

P.S. I am in no way trying to be rude to either GameXplain or Chuggaaconroy, i am simply making a joke, and i am huge fans of both channels.

“Seven new Pokémon were revealed in the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon along with the English names for the CoroCoro Pokémon! We’re joined by Chuggaaconroy to give our thoughts on their designs, Abilities, typings, and potential in the new games! Plus, which ones are our favorites? All this and more in our latest Pokémon discussion!”


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