7 Pokémon Go Myths – True or False?

pokemon-go-logoPokemon Go is quickly becoming the most popular smartphone game in history, but its not without its flaws. Namely not really telling you anything on how the game actually works. Like, not at all really. The only thing they do explain is a few basics in the tip menu, but those aren’t all that helpful, and you can only read them if you can actually find the tips menu on your own, because of course, they don’t ever say there is one. So GameXplain has put together a video addressing the top 7 most popular myths about Pokemon Go. Most of them are proven false, a couple are true, and one is even To Be Determined. So go watch GameXplains video below to learn more about Pokemon Go, since the app wont tell you anything:

“Ever since Pokémon Go was released, a ton of myths and rumors have popped up about the game. We take a look at 7 of the biggest myths to see if they’re true, false, or perhaps still possible!”

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