Miitomo to get New Mini-game Update

miitomoMiitomo was a very popular app when it first released, but lately users have been dropping the game due to a lack of interesting updates. Heck even i deleted the game due to needing storage space on my phone (also because none of my friends gave a crap about the game.) Nintendo is hoping to reverse this trend by adding new mini-games to the title! Remember all those frustrating moments you had in Miitomo Drop where the completely rigged game only ever gave you candies?! (Totally not bitter…) Well Nintendo is finally making use of those candies by making new mini-games that use the candies in order to play them. We don’t know what these mini-games are but hopefully they will be fun, and maybe be a reason for people to go back to the app. Oh, and they are also doing other things to the app i was just told. Apparently they are also simplifying the interface, expanding the chat options, allowing you to coose who comes through your doors instead of just random strangers, and giving us the ability to turn of daily Miifotots (something i found very annoying personally) These are all promising things, and i believe this will be a very good update. Will this pull people back into the game… we’ll see. But let me know if you still play Miitomo, or if maybe this update will bring you back, in the comment section below:


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