NX Actually Based on Morphus X300?!

Nintendo-NX-ConsoleThe NX may have been based off of a gaming tablet called the Morphus X300! Find out why in my NX Rumor Update Video!

Check out OBE1 Plays channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpVInV3uywvK-Df0fO12-Q

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3 thoughts on “NX Actually Based on Morphus X300?!

    1. Batman Post author

      Well the NX version will be highly modified so it won’t look like the morphus and it will have a lot of tweaked features, different controller configurations, different cpu and gpu, different screen size, ect. It might not even look anything like the morphus, but still have all the features as it. We should know soon tho as this is early October and that’s when Emily Rodgers, and The Wall Street Journal said it would be revealed.

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