NX Final Name Leaked?!

Nintendo-NX-ConsoleA Picture is floating around that may just reveal the final name of Nintendo’s upcoming system, Codename NX! Learn all about the Supposed leak in my NX Rumor Update Video!

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12 thoughts on “NX Final Name Leaked?!

        1. Batman Post author

          The reason they give for it being fake is in itself fake. The picture that unblurs that sentence is admitted to be faked by the guy who created it. The actual leaked image isn’t even the same as the fake “unblurred version. The red is different, the shadows aren’t there, and the blurred text is way longer than the “unblurred” text. Go see for yourself. Compare the two images, the fake one isn’t even close.


              1. kungfunaomi

                Make a graph. XD
                No I get it. So then we just have to wait and see if it actually is the Nintendo Duo.
                Are you thinking that they will have the October 21st announcement?


                1. Batman Post author

                  Could be then, tho the main reason that is believed is cause its the anniversary of Nintendo Directs so its pure speculation. I do think it will be this month because of Emily Rodgers and the Wall Street Journal, but i may be biased as i want the NX to be revealed ASAP.



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